You Can Only Pass This Encrypted IQ Test If You’re Incredibly Gifted

Not only are puzzles a lot of fun and an excellent way to pass the time, but when you work puzzles, you’re also working your brain, which serves to sharpen your mind. Furthermore, the right kind of puzzles can give you a genuinely beneficial mental workout, which is something that we all need occasionally. Since ancient times, people have been solving riddles and puzzles, and they even existed in the Bible. In fact, archaeologists have found puzzles dating back to Cyprus 1700 BCE and in 700 BCE, Chinese people introduced magic squares. The human mind loves working puzzles, and that’s why smartphone games are so popular.

People are naturally drawn to puzzles and as an added bonus, when we work them and solve them, it feels like a win and makes us feel smart. That’s never a bad thing. How do puzzles help the brain? Well, in kids, puzzles benefit them by helping them develop physical and cognitive skills. However, adults benefit from solving puzzles, too. Puzzles exercise both sides of the brain and give both hemispheres an excellent workout. The left side of the human brain controls logical and analytical thinking, and the right side of the brain is in control of creativity. If you work puzzles, you’re engaging both the right and the left hemisphere.

Working puzzles also help to improve your memory because they help reinforce the connections between our brain cells. In the puzzle below, can you overlook the oddly spelled words to figure out the true message? If you can, you’re incredibly gifted. Good luck!