97% Can’t Figure This Color Quiz Out Despite How Obvious the Answer Seems

They often say “seeing is believing” however, most of us have no idea just how unreliable our eyes can be. This is one of the reasons why eye witness testimony in many court cases often fall apart, because different people can often perceive the same event in different ways, right down to the color, size, and shape of an object or person. It’s pretty remarkable, but our perception of reality is based on so many factors, almost like a stew with hundreds, if not thousands of different ingredients. After all, there’s a good reason why magicians and illusionists are able to fool so many people.

One of the most important things our vision allows us to do is see color, patterns, and contrast. This not only helps make the world a more interesting place, but it’s also vital for our survival. We use the information obtain from what we see every day to judge distances and coordinate body movement. Have you ever tried walking with your eyes closed? Is it pretty tough right? Everything starts to feel weird, and you can’t move as confidently as normally would with your eyes open. In this odd little quiz, you’ll have to determine the amount of color contained in a variety of pictures and patterns.

The quiz is actually pretty straight forward, however about 97 percent of folks can’t see all the colors in the patterns. Are you one of the elite 3 percent? Let’s find out.