Super Intelligent Great Dane Knows Exactly What to Do When Master Says ‘Bath Time’

Some dogs love a bath and some dogs don’t. It’s just that simple. Very few dogs love their first baths, but many grow accustomed to bathing and even grow to enjoy it, or at least they grow to enjoy how great they feel afterward. That sounds a lot like humans, doesn’t it? We have two dogs. One hangs her head and acts like she’s being abused when we bathe her, although she tolerates it and runs around happily after it’s over. The other runs for the woods when he even hears us spell B-A-T-H. But one fact remains: dogs stink if they don’t get regular baths. Again, just like humans.

A Great Dane named Basil has gotten some much-deserved viral attention and praise for being so clever about his bathtime. In the video below, you’ll see Basil standing outside on the patio. When Basil’s owner asks him if he knows what day it is and reminds him that Sunday is his bath day, Basil strolls right on into the house and happily saunters down the hall to the bathroom. At first, he has trouble getting his big self into the tub, but at the urging of his loving master, he maneuvers around and makes it in. Once he’s in his bath, he doesn’t complain one bit, simply allowing his owner to remove his collar. Basil is such a sweet and patient boy.

Video screengrab

It’s really great that Basil has been so well-trained. Unlike my little Chihuahua, it would be difficult to pick up Basil and carry him to the bath. As it turns out, friendliness, patience, and dependability are traits of this wonderful breed of majestic beasts, according to the American Kennel Club. They’re known for their easygoing nature and are a joy to live with. That’s a good thing since these beautiful dogs can be as tall as 32 inches at the shoulder.

Video screengrab

Basil’s family has trained him well and it helps that Basil is so intelligent. You can also tell by the master’s voice how beloved Basil is as a member of the family.