Judge Judy Lets Dog Loose in Courtroom so the True Owner Can Be Identified

I’ve had several dogs in my lifetime and every single one of them has been a treasure. They’ve been like my own children and I always did whatever I could to protect them. And much like my own children, the thought of them being in the hands of someone who didn’t have their best interest at heart was very troubling. More than once, I’ve had a dog stolen or just gone missing because we live in the country. Every single time, I worried about what was happening to them and if they were with someone who loved them. Because here’s the thing: someone else may see your cute little dog and even grow to love your dog, but no one’s going to care for them as you do.

Popular TV judge Judge Judy recently tried a case in which a heartbroken man filed charges against a woman who he claims stole his dog. The man was visibly heartbroken and the woman seemed cold and harsh as she presented paperwork to try to prove that the dog was hers. The dog was a small, fluffy dog who looked like a poodle. The woman was saying that she purchased the dog at a shopping center for $50 but the man said that “Baby Boy” was his and that he loved him as much as he would a child. Meanwhile, the defendant was still waving around her paperwork to try to prove the dog was hers.

A frustrated Judge Judy knows just how to settle this issue. She sends someone out to get the dog. It seemed to be a spontaneous decision, but with Judge Judy, everything is wise and calculated. That is one smart lady! This maneuver was inspired, to put it mildly. When the person came back with the dog, Judge Judy told her several times, “Listen to me carefully. Just put the dog down.” Judge Judy’s reasoning was that dogs will be dogs and they will always go to the person they love and trust.


As the dog was brought into the courtroom, a hush fell over the room. When the little dog was put down on the floor, he started running towards the man. Obviously he knew who daddy was. The overjoyed man began to weep in gratitude. Watch this heartwarming moment below.