A Puppy Rescue Video Has Gone Viral and Reminds Us of the Importance of Adopting

There are so many unwanted animals in the world. Shelters are full of cats and dogs and there just aren’t enough homes in the world to house them all. And that’s just in countries like the U.S. where there are some decent animal protection laws in place. In many countries in the world, dogs and cats just live wildly in the streets starving to death with no one even noticing them. Organizations that promote animal adoption have a tough job. They have to not only spend a lot of time, energy, money, and other resources trying to save lives, but they also have to make these forsaken animals look cute and adorable enough to appeal to the whimsy of would-be owners. How do you do that when an animal is emaciated and unsocialized?

One such example is a two-year-old Beagle named Suzie. Featured in the video below, Suzie was taken to a Baltimore, Maryland SPCA just two days before Save a Hound shot the video. In the video, Suzie sits sadly watching one person after another pass her by. As the day goes on, Suzie’s spirit seems to grow dimmer by the minute. She even sees a dog near her have an “adopted” sign placed on their cage.

Video screengrab

However, then a young girl walks past Suzie, skipping on by. At first, it seems that the little girl is going to ignore Suzie as everyone else has. But then the girl unexpectedly doubles back. As she bends down and looks into Suzie’s eyes, they seem to feel an instant kinship with one another. When the little girl put her hand up to the glass, the most unexpected thing happens. Suzie puts her paw up and touched hands with the girl.

Video screengrab

It seems that Suzie’s fate was sealed and in the very best way. The adoption of pets is so important. Watch the video below and make sure to get the word out about this important issue.